Why The Thoughts Of Having Your Own Business?

by Robert Pollikett on April 6, 2014

When I left school at the end of 1967 and started an apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic in the field of air conditioning, I didn’t give much thought to having my own business.    I went on to pass my trade course, post trade course and obtained my Craftsman Certificate of Proficiency.    I then became a member of AIRAH and started to study the Mechanical Engineering Certificate at a technical college, but that came to an abrupt end in 1972.

I unfortunately won the lottery in 1969, and due to that ballot win I received a letter from the minister of defence advising me that I would no longer receive any more deferments for study after the expiry of my apprenticeship.    So into National Service I went.

On the abolishment of National Service, I went back to work as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic.    But I was unsettled and wanted to do something different for myself.    So in 1974 I thought about starting my own refrigeration service business but was unable to raise the capital due to lending restrictions within the banking sector.

I was fed up with my life to date and needed a change.    So I joined a bank (as a bank officer) and worked my way through their banking system.    I learnt a lot about banking and business in the process.    I spent three years on relief staff, living out of a suite case.    But lived well, travelling all around NSW.    Then another three years in a country branch, which was about a two-hour drive from home.

It was there that I became interested in computers and electronics.    I helped change the branch over from hand written ledgers to computerization and I played with electronic experimental kits during the night.    But I became bored with the banking world and sought another challenge.    After seeking vocational guidance I decided to undertake a most difficult course at that time… the Electronics and Communications Certificate.

In 1981 I gained a traineeship with the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) and my 18-year career in Telecommunications began.    During this period of time my mind was opened up to both the spiritual and material side of things.    I sought personal development and thought about having my own business again.

By 1983 I completed The Electronics and Communications Certificate under block release.    I then undertook and completed a home building course at the local technical college, which qualified me as an owner builder.    This I did this to assist both my mother and sister in the building of their respective homes.    By then I was also into Ballroom Dancing, but shift work played havoc with it.

In 1986 I did the Accounting and Management of Small Business course.    In 1987 I did Aquaculture day courses in Cray Farming and Fish Farming at the Hawkesbury Agricultural College of Advanced Education.    I was actually thinking about having an aquaculture and/or deer farming business at that time.

But those dreams did not come about for my career in Telecommunications was demanding but lucrative.    From trainee technical officer to principal technical officer, various in-house training courses had to be completed for all aspects of telecommunications.    Managerial meetings about fault resolution and restoration were the norm as I was in charge of a customer fault-handling unit, which consisted of a small team of specialist fault investigators.    However during this time I was accredited with the Certificate IV in Telecommunications and both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Technical Engineering.

In 1993 I sought financial planning advice and my dreams of financial independence started to take shape as I entered into property investment.     By the end of 1995, I obtained the postgraduate Marketing Practice certificate from the University of Technology, Sydney.     The course was funded by and designed for OTC.

Between 1996 and 1998 I was involved in spiritual counselling.    And in 1998 I registered two business names, for I was now in the part time business of share trading and personal development.    And in 1999 I sought further financial planning advice, but by the beginning of 2000 I was retrenched and my 18-year career with OTC/Telstra came to an end.    It was in 2001 that I became interested in online marketing, but only as a hobby as it was all US based and serviced.

They say that life wasn’t meant to be easy, but neither is running a business.    So many outside influences beyond ones control started to take effect.    Due to the restructure of the Sydney ASX and a change in how it processed trading data, the data patterns I used in technical charting became unreliable and some trading losses were made.    In 2002 the personal development business that I was promoting fell into dispute.    So I licked my wounds and sought employment as a site technical specialist with a new retail chain.

However, I was made redundant again in the end of 2005 due to the collapse of the retail store.    I sought employment again through an associated retail chain, but again made redundant by 2009 due to a poor trading environment.    Due to a lack of income and changes in negative gearing of investment property a sell off was required in 2010.    From then to now I experimented with different online marketing techniques to see how things worked.

So in 2013 I decided to commence turning my marketing business into an online home business by utilizing various affiliate type programs that I associate with.    It’s now 2014 and my marketing plan is starting to come together.

I guess the thoughts of having your own business all depends upon the life of the individual.    Mine have come about due to a necessity, to change a hobby into a business application for financial independence.    I don’t mind taking on a challenge and seeking advise from reliable sources.    So success in this online business venture all depends upon me, and how I apply myself.

What are your thoughts about having your own business?
How has your life panned out?
In what way do you want to improve yourself?

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